Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ice Skating With 96 Degree Temperature

Our co-op meets 3 Thursdays out of each month.  This year, we decided to do a field trip/fun day on the Thursdays that we have class.  This summer, our local library had a reading program.  One of the rewards to a free pass for ice skating.

Our first Thursday off, we went ice skating - for free. Yay!  So, we dug out our heavy jackets, hats, scarves & gloves.  It felt funny, because the temperature outside was 96 degrees.  They wore them at the beginning, but then got to hot skating.  Meanwhile, the moms were freezing as we watched them skate.

Cheyenne, Will, Collin & Blake in a deep discussion on the ice.

Our "mascot".  Sweet Cianna all bundled up.  

Another conference.

Cayman & Audrey did great on the ice.

 Addy & Faith


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