Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to American Girl World

I have been throwing away the American Girl Doll catalog away for a long time.  Not because I don't like them, on the contrary, I love the stories, think the dolls are beautiful & fun.  In fact, when Faith was an infant, I bought some AG books for her first Christmas. (Because a 5 week old baby doesn't need anything for Christmas.  So I decided to stock up for later.) The problem is, the price. $100 for a doll? Seriously?  Well, Faith got the mail for me one day & guess what was right on top in the mail box.  You guessed it the AG catalog.  I did enjoy seeing her face when she was looking through it.  The oohs & ahhs were priceless.

Our homeschool support group has an American Girl club & we decided to join.  (Thankfully, you don't have to have an American Girl doll to be in the club.) The 1st month's club we are going to be watching a movie about Kit.  So I went through our stack of AG books & pulled out Meet Kit book.  Faith fell in love with her. In fact, she loves her so much that she wanted to get her hair cut like hers. 

  Our local library had a history touring company do a show at the library today.  They  advertised it as "Bring your American Girl doll, dress up like them and boys dress up like a historical character."  Good advertisement.  There were a lot of children girls with their dolls. Just a few boys.  So since we didn't have a doll, we Faith wanted to dress up like Kit.

 Thankfully, we had a top, sweater, skirt & shoes that looked similar to Kit's.  All we had to do was make a hat & hand bag.  It was so fun. Thanks to my son, Will, for reminding me how to crochet a hat.  I've only done one before this one and that was a year ago.

I think the "Kit" on the left is the prettiest. :) 

I wish I could remember the name of the tour group.  They have groups that go all over the country.  This was so entertaining & kept the kids attention.

They needed a few boys to help them out.  Will is in the middle of the 3 boys.  They are suppose to be the founding fathers of America.

Now this group of boys are demonstrating Henry Ford's invention, the assembly line.

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