Thursday, September 30, 2010

Field Trip & Co-op

We had a class about the Wetlands at one of our local parks. 

Collin & Faith about to scoop into a pond filled with 
duck weed to see what type of wild life they can find.

:More Scooping:

:Budding Scientists- looking at some of the wild life they caught:

:This was Collin's favorite thing:

Our Home school co-op's art class.

Collin using Michael Angelo's style of painting.

Will studying different paintings by Angelo.

Will learning about molecule positions.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day at the Beach

We usually go to the beach in the winter- when the condos are $40 a night with indoor heated pools & only retired people or homeschool families are there.  I love the beach when it's peaceful & cool.  This is the 1st time that the kids remember going when it was hot. We had such a great time.

:Faith, my little surfer girl:

Tony & the kids going into the ocean.  I did swim, 
but you won't find any pictures on here. :)
Next time, we are going to have to get boogie boards for 
Tony & myself.  Sharing was not a good thing. Now one wanted
to give theirs up.  Including me. 

Wet sand is so much fun to play in.

Collin enjoying the waves.

A hurricane had just passed up the coast, so the waves were huge & the water was very strong.  This was the first time that I had ever seen surfers.  There must have been at least 20 out following the surf.
Poor Will got stung by a jellyfish & then caught up in a rip tide.  Thankfully, Tony was there to pull him out.  Will has enjoyed sharing his stories.

 A perfect sunset to end a perfect day.  
Thank you, Lord for your wonderful creations
You made for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lowe's Safty Day

Lowe's Kid's Workshop.  

The kids were suppose to make a firetruck, 
but there was a recall on it.  

:Collin working on his project:

Instead, they made a puppet theater.

The kids got to visit with the police & the National Guard. 
Exploring the ambulance truck was a big highlight.

Faith & our friend Jacob getting their heart rate taken.

Will learning about the job of an EMT.

 Will, Collin, Jacob & Faith
Jacob, Collin & Faith climbing in the fire truck.

 The Army Fire truck was the biggest hit of all.

Friday, September 24, 2010

BB&T Bank Field Trip

We really love field Trips!  We were fortunate to have had a field trip at our bank.

 We have some really sweet ladies that work there.
Every time we go, the kids get suckers, note pads, pencils, you name it.

Will waiting for the field trip to start.

Collin & Faith "taking notes" on their BB&T note pads.

They got to see the big shredder, close up the volt & set the timer & then close the bank.  Mrs. Heather had pizza and drink waiting for them.  The kids got a BB&T name badge also. 

Collin, Will, Mrs. Amy (&baby- due any day), Mrs. Heather & Faith

I'm not sure if all BB&T employees go out of their way to make the customer feel welcome, but these ladies are the best.  The kids love going to see them.  Thank you Mrs. Amy & Mrs. Heather- as well as BB&T.  We really enjoyed our field trip.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homeschool Swap

It was so nice to receive a package in the mail.  I love getting mail (not bills).  This was the first time that I participated in the Homeschool Swap.  The kids & I had just as much fun looking for treasures to send off as we did receiving ours. 

We swapped with Tammy.  We fell in love with her precious little boy, Parker.  We have his picture on our
refrigerator so that we can pray for him.

The lil 'Bucks were so excited to find treasures in there for them as well.

Our Treasures:

Crayon Pencils

Halloween Pencils
Glue sticks
Rock Candy
Fall Sprinkles for cookies
Wooden Blessing sign (already displayed on my kitchen shelf)
Quilting Magazine
Earthways: Simple Environmental Activities for Young Children

Thank you so much, Tammy for all of our great goodies.  Looking forward to doing the Oct. Swap.

Friday, September 17, 2010

He Will Remember Me - Because I Remember When

Our Loss is Heaven's Gain

Yesterday, My sweet Nanny joined her Savior in Heaven. She became a child of the King when she turned 82 years old. Ain't God good that He never gives up on us. For the last few years, she had been in a nursing home with Alzheimer's.

When we were leaving her last week, I asked God "How much longer is she going to be allowed to suffer?" I hated leaving her each week. Thank you Lord for taking my precious Nanny home, where she will never suffer again. I know she is loving her new body. I miss her terribly, but am so happy that she will be walking with Jesus. WOW! She has already seen Jesus' face.

I posted a tribute to my Nanny last year for her birthday. Please take a look at it & see how much she meant to me. (Click 'my Nanny' above to go to the post.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

God's beautiful sky.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank You Teachers

There are some really great ladies teaching my children in Sunday School. Tomorrow is promotion Sunday. Will & Faith will be moving up. They are excited about their new classes, but very sad to leave there former teachers.

I am so thankful that these ladies love our children enough to put a lot of time into teaching them about our Lord. I know that sometimes it can be discouraging. Sometimes, it seems like all you do is referee the class or that you are talking to the walls. But yes, ladies my children are listening. I ask each one of them, every week, what they learned in SS as well as Kiddie Church/Jr. Church. If I forget, they remind me that I didn't ask & proceed to tell me what they have learned.

I have taught SS & Kiddie Church, for many years, in the past. There were some days when I thought that I needed to step down & let someone else teach. Then someone would send me a thank you note or a small gift thanking me for teaching their child. Many times, that is all it took for me to get the right attitude back.

Many people do not thank their teachers any more. I encourage you to do so. Even if it is just a short little note of encouragement. It does go a long way.

All that said, Will & I crocheted scarfs for their teachers. We gave Faith's to her teachers last week. (I didn't get pictures.) We were not finished with Will's until today.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

That's What's for Supper

Hmm, what are we going to have for supper?

Money is a little tight this week. Actually, it's pretty tight every week. I "need" to go to the grocery store, but I'm scared to spend money right now. We have a few bills that haven't cleared & I would hate to have an over draft.

I've heard of Eat From the Pantry Challenge. This week & next, we are going to do this. I'm sure we will have crazy meals throughout the next few days.

Tonight, we are having a normal meal. Chicken breast, yeast rolls that I found hiding in the back of my freezer (Yay for hide-a-ways), green beans & rice. We are pretty much out of cereal (that the kids like) so Collin, Faith & I made apple muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.

I have a dear friend, Susan, that does the coupons (Southern Savers) & gets things for a "steal". Most things she gets for just a few cents & sometimes the cashier owes her money. She loves it. She said that it is her hobby. I, on the other hand, love finding deals & sales, but can not do it like she does. It takes a lot of time - time that I would rather spend on other things.

Susan has things stashed here and there. She has even begun storing things in her camper. I told her that she needs to write the price that she paid for it on the items & then let me just buy from her. She said that was a great idea. Oh yeah, Baby! Hopefully, today or tomorrow, I can go over & get a few things that we can't live without. Like toilet paper.

I always enjoy seeing how God provides day after day.