Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Zoo

Last week, we started our new school year.  We do 3 weeks on & 1 week off.  We take about 5 weeks off after ending the first 1/2 of May.  Since the boys had music camp the last week of June, we started back the 2nd to the last week & then took off the week of music camp.

While the boys were in camp each day, Faith & I had girl time.  We were blessed to get some free passes, to the zoo, from our friend, Melinda.

We were able to go on a Walk-a-bout path to see the Kangaroos.

Faith looking at the Lions.

:Powerful Lion:

Tigers, Tigers, oh my!

Faith loved the iron animal statues.

This is the first time that we've been able to see the Koalas.  
They are usually hiding from us.

I love this flower.

Faith loves, loves frogs.  This little guy was going into the restroom. 
Did I mention that Faith loves frogs?


:Love giraffes:

Look what I found in the forest.  I think I'll take her home.

If you've every had a child in Cubbies, then you know all about Ernie Elephant.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wood Carving

A few months back, Tony took the boys to a gun & knife show.  There, the boys purchased a few knives.   I am a little nervous about my 7 & 10 year old having knives, but I am also a country girl that knows this is natural & healthy for boys & men alike.  I  had to pray about it & let God do the protecting & guiding while they use them.  

Will & Collin have been whittling a little bit.  Turning sticks into spears. :Another prayer goes up

Collin found this book at the library.  As soon as we got home, he wanted to start making something.  

We didn't  have a lot of tools for wood carving, so we started with something that we had....

There was a "how to" make a boat out of soap.  Let the whittling begin.
Using a knife, small screw driver & soap, Collin dug in.
I reminded them that "woodworking" was a long process & not a "hurry up & finish" project.


Will carving soap.  
Hopefully, we'll have finished pictures to show soon.

Side Note: This is probably not a good idea to do inside like we did.  There was soap dust flying everywhere.  At least it is clean.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shakespeare in The Park

We met at the River Walk park for fun & learning about Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream.  We also learned about Midsummer's Day and St. John's Day.

Mrs. Laura is a children's librarian.  She taught the kids about Midsummer's Day. (which is what inspired  Shakespeare to write Midsummer's Night Dream.)  Being a wonderful librarian that she is, she brought in many elements.  We had fruit salad to represent Stone Soup (another great story). 

The fairy houses were from Midsummer's Day. 

Instead if fairy houses, the boys decided to make a rolly polly house.  This is Will & Addie's house.

Collin, Dawson, Whit, Dalia, Addie & Will

The boys enjoying watermelons.

Faith in the sun with watermelon.
(Back row) Addie, Dalia, Will (middle) Collin, Dawson, Whit, Faith & Jacob 
With our new found turtle & 20 worms ~ found by Whit.
Thankfully, Dawson took the turtle home.

After our mini summer lesson, the 'lilbucks & I went on a nature walk.

Loved the river.

Side note: St. John's Day is on June 24th.  It is in honor of John the Baptist's birthday.  6 months before Jesus' Birth.  I had never even heard of it.  Love Learning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming to You Live....

Our homeschool co-op had a chance to visit a local Christian radio station today.  We had so much fun.

The largest Ipod.  This machine holds all the songs that the radio station has.  

Learning how an air wave sound board works.

:The board:

:Collin recording time: ~ "Go Clemson":

:Faith's recording time, "This is Faith & I love going fishing":

:Will's recording time: " I'm Will & go Gamecocks.":

"Today's weather is...." Faith

"You're live on the air....." Will

" .....You heard it first here, ladies & gentlemen." Collin

About 1/3 of our homeschool co-op group.

I got this message from the lady that organized this trip. 

"We were out running errands earlier and we were listening to the (Christian radio station). Between songs Michelle mentioned that our home school group did a tour earlier and she talked about how well behaved the kids were :) We thought it was neat that she talked about us on air!!"

I am so proud of all the kids.  They did a great job.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Sugar Creek Gang

Playing in a creek is so much fun.  It is beautiful & peaceful.  I'll take God's toys any day over man-made toys.

:Will & Collin walking on rocks:

:Faith posing:

:Collin, Gracie, Madison & Will ~ These kids have been friends since birth:

Will caught this bream with his bare hands. That boy can catch anything.
:Faith & Taylor:

This little fella looks & acts just like his daddy.  His daddy & I have been friends since high school.  Now, his grandparents, Tony & I enjoy hanging out with each other.  These kids are so precious.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Gifts

This year for Father's Day, the kids & I  decided to make a goodie basket for Daddy.  He & the boys love Star Wars.  We were excited when we came across a site for a Star War Kit.  The kids could not wait to get started on this present.  Poor Daddy, I don't know how much he got to eat.  The kids were helping him eat his goodies.  I hope that he got some of it before they devoured it.

                               Pepperidge Farm Cookies                        Trident Gum

                              Slim Jims                               Rolos                                                               

                                    Gatorade     Pringles      Sprite                                

                         Tic Tacs                             Reece's Pieces

I know this last one has nothing to do with Star Wars, but the kids wanted to let Dad know that they love him to pieces.

For my father-in-law, we found some drinks that he loved when he was younger as well as Reece's Pieces like Daddy's.  We printed off labels that say, "Pops, you are one suh-weet dude!"