Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Places To Eat

2 new fun places to eat in the town beside ours are  Mellow Mushroom and Yumiliecious.  The food at Mellow Mushroom is wonderful.  They just opened up a few months ago in our neighboring town.  It has been packed every time we ride by.  So when we rode by at 11 A.M. (a great perk to homeschooling ~ you are out and about before everyone else is ready for lunch.)  and since my kids don't eat breakfast, they were starving after karate & ready to eat.

 The walls are crazy.  The kids love to play I Spy.  Oh my, this kept us busy & having fun until our food came.

Little Miss Faith.

 *** Yumiliecious ***

The kids have asked to go to Yumiliecious for several months.  We finally went after karate one week.  Since this was our first time there, the lady gave us a whole lot of sample cups & told us to try them all.  Oh, by the time we tasted them all (or most of them), my sweet tooth was satisfied.  But we did get a cup.  

You get your own frozen yogurt, which you can mix it up any way you want.  They really need to get kid size cups.  Collin filled his up to the top!  Then you get to put whatever (& how much) toppings on it you wantWhen you check out, they weigh it.  Oh my that's where they get you!  But we had a great time.

Will enjoying it.  

Look at my 3 Yumiliecious kiddos.

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