Friday, September 30, 2011

Academic Presentation Day

Our homeschool support group has an Academic Presentation.  The children display their projects that they have been working on through out the year, as well as give a oral presentation in front of parents, family & friends.  All the kids did such an amazing job.

Collin had fun learning about Space. (So glad that he could use his Lego Solar System from our co-op project.)

Collin made & studied about the following: moon rocks, wrote info. about planets & created a Lego Solar System, telescopes, moon & it's phases (something happened to the Oreo cream in transportation.  I don't know if someone got hungry, or it just got messed up. :)

Faith did her project on Early American History.  I just love kindergarten.

She studied & created projects for: Washington Monument, The Mayflower,  Abe Lincoln (made his cabin), Pilgrims (made boy & girl hats).....

Christopher Columbus, G. Washington (made his wig).....

the Statue of Liberty (made torch & head piece), American flag....

Flag craft, George Washington Carver (check out the cool peanut people), a Compass Rose & Native Americans.

I love looking at all the displays.  It gives this teacher some great ideas of  fun things to study for years to come.


Will did not do a display this time since he was the announcer.  
He did a great job.

This cutie patootie, Jacob, did a great job.

Sweet, Audrey, did a super job on Sally Ride.

Adorable Carson, did a fabulous display on Backyard Fun & Beach Adventures.

More great displays. I could post one after another of the great displays, but it would take all day.  It was a fun day of learning.

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