Monday, August 29, 2011

You Can Learn Anywhere

We like to change up our school days a little bit. Playing Scrabble has helped our vocabulary.

When we were getting some paint mixed for our "Tall Painting" art project, the sweet man from Lowe's let us come in the mixing area & watch him program the computer & then mix it. 

I can't believe that the kids have not seen Hurbie The Love Bug. ( I loved the old version) We saw this car when we were going down the road.  Had to stop & get the picture. Planning on getting the DVD from the library so the kids can learn a little bit about an American Icon.

Gama Batty showing the kids how to make shapes for checkers with the Drimmel set Collin got for his birthday.

Collin is loving it.  He is very talented with his hands.

Will said that he wants his own for Christmas.

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