Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American Girl Club

Ahhh, at last.  Faith had been asking me almost every day, for a month,  when we were going to the American Girl club.  The day finally came.  With great excitement, she put on her pjs that matched her Life of Faith doll, "Violet's" {Faith renamed the doll Laura Ingalls} pjs  (well it was the doll's undergarments that looked like Faith's "Laura Ingall's nightgown). We bought Faith this doll for her 1st Christmas.  It is the Christian version of American Girl.  I was very sad to hear that they discontinued their line.

I had made Faith's "Laura Ingall's" nightgown & cap a few years back.  I made her dolls hat at the last minute.  

The girls were given lip gloss & eye shadow as a party favor.  Faith was so excited & had fun putting it on.  

The girls getting ready to watch Kit. 


Kit Kitridge: An American Girl was a great movie. 

We talked the boys into coming with us. (There were a few other brothers there too.)  Thankfully, we had watched Nims Island a few months back.  The girl from that movie played Kit in this movie.  This movie has adventure and has boys in the movie.  So they were not to upset to come & watch.   The food was also helpful to entice the boys to come along.  We liked it so much that we checked it out from the library before leaving.

American Girl Club Pajama Party

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