Thursday, September 22, 2011

Solar Systems

For Science, our Co-op has been studying space.  We will be out of town when the solar system projects are due, so we did them early.

Collin loves Legos & wanted to make his solar system using of them.  How in the world we were going to make something round out of square objects.  Let's just say that I'm so thankful for the internet.  We found a site that created a ball using Legos. They have a great chart showing  you how to make it.  After trying the 1st & 2nd level, I knew that this was going to be hard for an 8 year old to make on his own.  So we decided to just do flat circles ~ using the chart for making different sizes.

The colors don't match the planets exactly, but that's okay.

We couldn't leave off Pluto.  We know that it is considered a dwarf planet (after it was a planet for 76 years),  but we had to add it.

Collin with his buddies looking at his project.

 Will made his out of paper mache.  He added pictures to the planets for a funny spoof.
(For Mercury - a picture of liquid mercury & AG on it,  Venus- the goddess of love, Earth - land, Jupiter- a Jupiter Saxophone, Saturn - Saturn car, Uranus - couldn't find anything, Neptune- the god of the sea, Pluto - you guessed it, Disney's Pluto.)

Will sharing with the class.

This cutie, Hanna, will be out of town on the due date too.  So she did hers early also.  Hannah did a great job.

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