Thursday, September 8, 2011

Co-op Art & Science Class

We have a great group of kids in out co-op this year.  I have enjoyed teaching the art class so much this year.

We did Optical Art

This is the K5 & 1st grade table.  They did a great job.

Will & Collin (top left) having way too much fun with their friends.

Budding Artists

Some of them are working with compasses for the 1st time.   I have not worked with them too much, but they are tricky little things to work with.

Spanish Class.  The kids were counting & talking in Spanish while jumping rope.  How fun.

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Deana, on  left looks like a student herself.
(Will, Mrs. Deana, Gracie, Gabbie {jumping}, Cayman, Matthew & Madalyn)

Some the kids can really jump.

Check out Matthew.  Who says white men can't jump?
(Cayman, Matthew & Will)

Go Gracie.

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