Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making a Commercial at Our Children's Museum

Our local children's museum asked for homeschool families to come & play at the museum for free so they could make a video.  At first, the kids were excited to be in a commercial.  After their friends arrived, they really didn't care about the video.  They just played & had a great time.

The kids played with their friends for over 30 minutes in Ed's body.  

Collin with Michael (& some kid we don't know) and Matthew playing in water.

Will scanning Collin's groceries.

Collin, Michael, Matthew & Will

Camera guy videoing our kids playing on the big red fire truck.

Will, Collin & Matthew looking at this kid's reflector jacket.  (See how the camera flash is reflecting??

 Will giving the weather while sweet Maryanna looks on.

Madalyn, Matthew & Faith virtual surfing.

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