Friday, September 23, 2011

Homeschool Day at The Movies

After seeing the previews for Dolphin Tale, we could not wait to watch it.  We do not see very many movies in the theater, so this was a real treat. We met 2 other families there.  (only one is pictured with us below.)

 (See the dolphin in Will's hand?  His name has now been changed to Winter.) 

We fell in love with Winter, the dolphin.  Dolphins have always been one of my favorite animals.  I'm sure that we will be reminded of this wonderful movie every time we see a dolphin from hear on out. 

It is an awesome cast ~ one of my favorites, Harry Connick, Jr. stared in it.  We have played his CDs in our home since way before the kids were born. The kids never really knew what he looked like, so when they found out that "Dr. Clay" (HC, Jr.) was the guy that we've been listening to all these years, they were so excited.

Dolphin Tale was based on a true story.  When they said that Hazel, one of the main characters, was homeschooled, our little group lifted up a few cheers. :-o

We found out that September 23rd was Homeschool Day for Dolphin Tale.  I asked the lady behind the ticket counter if she knew why it was homeschool day, but she didn't.  After we got home, I found out why. (taken from Please read below.  I don't know this young gentleman, but I am so proud of what he is trying to do.  I pray that he will meet his goal.  It will not only benefit homeschoolers, but every family in America as well.

"Nathan's responsibility is to try to get 150,000 homeschoolers to the opening of Dolphin Tale, a movie coming out September 23. If this many attend the opening across the country, then Warner Brothers has promised to invest its money in producing more g-rated, family conservative films. Through this project, the executives were given a presentation of the gospel to help them understand the "mind-set" of Christians across the nation.

Nathan and his team prayed about a plan to reach families and help mobilize them as a group so that there would be a conservative voice in hollywood... and God gave them the idea to mobilize the homeschool community. The idea behind this is that homosexuals are just 3% of the population in the United States, and yet they banded together and put such an influential force into Hollywood, that they have homosexuals in every area of influence of the media productions in Hollywood.

Nathan's team discovered that Homeschoolers also make up 3%. They thought, "If we can get homeschoolers out to a movie, to show that they are a market to contend with, maybe Warner Brothers will pay attention and allow us to be a formidable, strong group that could influence the content of what is produced in Hollywood. Warner Brothers agreed to put money behind this idea and came up with this movie - Dolphin Tale - to see if there is really an active market amongst families in America.

...The Film Dolphin Tale is a heartwarming, true story based on a book. The producer actually went to a homeschool support group in California to find the actors. Homeschooling is presented in a very positive light in the movie.

A Homeschool Curriculum has been produced by Apologia to go along with this movie. It has been viewed and endorsed by many homeschoolers."

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