Monday, August 29, 2011

You Can Learn Anywhere

We like to change up our school days a little bit. Playing Scrabble has helped our vocabulary.

When we were getting some paint mixed for our "Tall Painting" art project, the sweet man from Lowe's let us come in the mixing area & watch him program the computer & then mix it. 

I can't believe that the kids have not seen Hurbie The Love Bug. ( I loved the old version) We saw this car when we were going down the road.  Had to stop & get the picture. Planning on getting the DVD from the library so the kids can learn a little bit about an American Icon.

Gama Batty showing the kids how to make shapes for checkers with the Drimmel set Collin got for his birthday.

Collin is loving it.  He is very talented with his hands.

Will said that he wants his own for Christmas.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Check Mate

A few years ago, Will wanted to learn chess.  His Uncle Kyle taught him & then Will taught me.  Will caught on fast, I on the other hand still have problems remembering which piece can do what.  So I have to use a cheat sheet.  

Our homeschool support group has a chess club. So we decided to try it out. 

:Will playing chess:

Faith was sitting with me & the mom that was over the club asked her if she wanted to learn how.  So Faith started playing & caught on real fast.  The mom was very impressed that a 5 year old was doing so well.  There I sat, playing with my cheat sheet. One day, I'll remember it all.

Trumpet Playing Tony

Tony was asked to play an orchestra concert at a neighboring church.  We love to hear him play.

Tony on the end ~ lead trumpeter.

The orchestra sounded great.  So thankful of his wonderful talent.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tim Hawkin's Concert

We love Tim Hawkins.  He is a Christian comedian that will keep you rolling in laughter.  

Money has been tight this year. So the kids & I started saving our change in March.  I told the kids that if God wanted us to go, then we would have enough money by the time Tim came in Aug.  The kids learned the value of money & were reminded how God provides.  It was a rewarded blessing to watch the kids count the change & put it into money rolls.  The closer that we got to the final ticket amount, the shouts started coming. We had saved $106, which was way more than we needed.  Praise God!

My brother-in-law found these cards in the church for us to get signed.  Thanks Uncle Kyle!

My niece & nephew - Ashton & Nathan along with Faith, Will & Collin looking at the stage.
Waiting for Tim to take the stage.

Tim Live in Concert

Waiting in line to meet Tim & get his autograph.

Will talking to Tim.  
Tim is a homeschool dad & makes jokes about homeschooling.
Tony told him that we homeschool & he said "yes, I can smell it."

Collin & Tim.

Faith, Froggy & Tim.

What a great night.  We laughed so hard that our faces & our sides hurt.

Collin posing with the Rochester Gang

We had a wonderful surprise.  The Rochesters were watching the concert too.  They are our favorite Christian Blue Grass singing group.  They have such a sweet spirit & love the Lord.  It was funny, because while we were talking to them in line & getting their picture, people we looking at us ~ trying to figure out who these people were.  :) Little did they know they were amoung some wonderful musicians that has blessed the nation.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tall Painting ~ What's Happening Today

A Mini Tall Painting

The above video inspired our art lesson for today.  The artist is Holton Rower from New York.

We had a great project for co-op today.  I was so excited about this project as well as scared to death.  We would be using house paint for this one.  I prayed all week that we would not get paint in the church. To God be the glory, we left the church paint free!

Prep work took about an hour. Art project about 5 minutes.  Clean up 40 min., but it was worth it to see all the wonderful projects & the kid's smiles.

Casey & Audrey
So thankful for all the moms & dad that helped.  Couldn't have done it without them.
A special Super Thank You to Kyle, one of the Dads for making all the wood forms for us. 

Faith & Madalyn working on their projects.

Hannah, Summer, Collin & Will

Great artists at work.

 JoJo, Michael (look at the excitement on his face) & Whit

Savannah's amazing project.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore

Faith lost her first tooth.  She has been wiggling it for the last week.  She let Will try to pull it in the van.  She was so worried that it would hurt.  When Will did pull it, she had the cutest little shocked look on her face. 

She started shouting & jumping up & down.  She was so excited.  She had to call her daddy, Collin, Papa & Mammy & her friend Jacob.  After calling everyone, she told Will thank you in the sweetest most sincere way.  Priceless.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Field Day Part 3

Last part of field day.

:Faith doing the bean bag relay race:

:Cookie eating contest:

:Will got the most in his mouth:

:Funny girl:


:Faith in the dress up relay:

:Collin in the dress up relay: 

:Will shoots  ...:

:Will Scores:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Field Day Part 2

The fun continues.....

:Faith playing person pinball:

:Will playing person pinball:

After pinball, they had to stack cups.  The funny thing was, the kids were doing this the night before the field day & got lots of practice.  We didn't know this would be an event for the next day.

:Banner making contest:

:Their Banner:

:Faith was amazing with the hola hoop:

:Will did great too:

:Collin got the hang of it right off the bat:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Field Day Part 1

Our homeschool support group has a field day every year.  This is a big highlight for our family.  So thankful that this year it was in the gym.  Much cooler than the previous years.

:Parachute mushroom:

:Time to Bowl:

:Collin's turn:


:Paddle Ball:

:The kids made up their own game:

:Faith & Will competing: