Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Day

I wroke up and made 2 chocolate pies while listening to a wonderful Christian group, The Fox Family.  What could be better than singing praises to my Lord on Thanksgiving morning?

When the kids woke up we started stringing popcorn for our Christmas tree while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  This is the 1st year that we've strung popcorn.  It was very relaxing & will save on buy "tinsel" this year. (Somehow we lost ours 2 years ago & wasn't able to get any last year). 

After stringing up popcorn, it was time to start making my Nanny's macaroni & cheese.  It is so funny how food can stir up memories of your loved ones.  It was nice to have a little bit of my Nanny here with me on this Thanksgiving Day.

As I was fixing Faith's hair, she told me that she wanted to have BBD hair.  (BBD is her daddy's nickname for her.) She was talking about her BBD Mii on their Wii game.  She had to turn the game on so I would know how to fix her hair.  Nothing like going to Wii for hair tips. 

The "girl" on the top left is BBD.

We then headed off to our 3rd annual Turkey Bowl.  Since we meet at my in-law's house for Supper, we have all day to play.  We have really enjoyed this.  We are usually the only bowlers in the bowling alley.  This year was not exception.
Lucky Turkey

Tony had hurt his back a few years back. This was the first year that he was able to bowl.   
I bowled too, but no since I'm the photographer in the family,  you won't see any pictures of me.


Will is our competitive one. He likes to win all the time.


Faith just has fun bowling.  She pushes it with her feet, rolls it Granny style, drops it with a little swing, lays on the floor & pushes it.  Any way that you can roll it, she does it.


Collin has really improved & is now able to send it down the lane one handed.

We have 3 trophies for the kids.  Notice the "Golden Turkey" trophy.  I found this at His House for $0.50.  Whoever wins the Turkey Bowl gets to keep this coveted trophy until next year.
Drum roll please ************  The winner of the 2010 Turkey Bowl is................

Faith DeLaine.  Woo Hoo! 
She won the first game & tied with Will on the second.  
I guess when you play for "just the fun of it", it pays off.

After the Turkey Bowl, we raced home to put the mac & cheese in the oven & then headed off to Tony's parent's house.  We had a great meal & fun fellowship.  

After supper, we were entertained with A Turkey Feast play put on by the kids.

The settlers came running out with (Nerf) guns hunting their turkey.  After killing their turkey......... (played by Faith She told them that she would be the turkey, but that they couldn't use the Nerf bullets.)

the turkey was dragged off to be prepared........
for the feast for the pilgrims.

Growing up, a friend & I used to put on plays for our parents all the time.  This brought back some good memories.  I'm sure that our children, niece & nephew will remember their plays down the road with fondness too. 

We had a great Thanksgiving.  November sure did go by so fast.  I can't believe that next week is December.  I hope it will slow down a little.

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  1. I like all the things ya'll do as a family together:))Love ya'll, Miss.Melissa M.M.