Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Days of Thanksgiving

I am thankful for field trips.  I love homeschooling.  We usually get a lot of school accomplished in just a short time~ leaving us time for exploring & fun.  However, there are some days that I welcome the "time off"  camouflaged as a field trip. 

We love learning hands on & viewing things up close.  It's fun and usually done with friends.

 We took Flat Stanley to the Challenger field trip.  My boys & a friend are operating Mission Control.

You can barely see Collins head (beside the man).  He was talking to the space station from mission control.

Faith, the pharmacist, making meds in space.

 An astronaut teaching the kids how to fly the space shuttle.

The kids holding up the world.

Ready for take off


Our co-op waiting for the Veteran's Day Parade to begin.

I was so proud of our group.  They yelled & cheered for our armed forces like they were at a concert.

Visiting our town's museum.

Collin churning butter.

We had a wonderful guide.  She was very energetic, friendly & answered all the kids questions.
We loved learning all about the kitchen & the chores that kids had during the colonial times.
Faith said it felt like the Ingall's home.  (Can you tell we love Little House?)

Looking at the bee hives.

Will grinding up herbs.

Even though we don't drink coffee (okay, we enjoy cappuccinos), the kids said that they would love to grind up coffee every day.  (I wonder how long that would last.)

Faith loved grinding up the mint herb.
Notice the sugar lump on the blue paper.  They said that since
sugar is so inconsistent in color, they dyed the paper with indigo so that
all the sugar looked white.

Normally, we don't have 3 field trips within a 2 week period, but it just so happened to fall that way this time.  Like I said earlier, I'm thankful for field trips, but I'm equally thankful for the days we stay home too.  Especially after two weeks like this.

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