Sunday, November 7, 2010

19 Days of Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for the freedom to be able to worship my Savior.  Thankful for my wonderful church. Thankful for a pastor & pastor's wife that live what they preach & love their flock.  They love other pastors as well as missionaries.  I believe that is why God has blessed our church so much.

I go to an Independent KJV Bible believing Baptist church.  We have Southern Gospel singing, a little shoutin' here & there.  Some people have asked my why I want to go to a church like that.  My answer: 1. I don't want to go to a dead church.  I want to go to a place that is alive & praising our Lord.  2. People go to a football game & shout & scream for something that really doesn't matter in the long run.  Why not shout for the greatest thing of all?  I'm not a shouter, I'm a crier.  When the Holy Spirit moves me, I cry, but I do enjoy others that do.

Our church family is truly a family.  When you are in need, they are there to help, encourage & pray.  When  things are good, they are right there to rejoice with you.  Are they perfect, no, but neither is are blood relatives. 

Thank you Lord for so many blessings!  My cup runneth over.

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