Wednesday, November 17, 2010

9 Days of Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for people that have such a sweet giving spirit ~ a heart for others.  When others are going through problems in their life & need help,  there are times that I am in a situation that I can not help them.  I am so thankful that God uses other people to help others when we can't.

One our way home from the library, we passed by a sweet dear saint of God, Mrs. Mary's house.  I saw Mr. Charles & his son Mike cleaning her yard for her.  I was so thankful to see them helping her.  That is something that I can not do, but God does not call me to do everything for everyone. 

It is such a refreshing blessing to see people loving others.  Especially in a world that is not so loving.

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  1. Yes, this is so true. We all have seasons in our lives. We are to do what God is calling us to do at that time.