Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saluting Special Ladies

The week before Mother's Day.  I wanted to take this week to salute some really wonderful women, who just happen to Mothers.

This is my Sweet Friend, Joezerrel.  We call her Zelle.

Zelle is from the Philippines.  She married Michael & has 3 precious young boys.  She has such a sweet spirit & loves the Lord with all of her heart.  She is always thinking of others.  Yesterday, we were at a ladies jubilee & she traded seats with a older lady so that she could sit on the padded pew & Zelle sat on the hard chair.  Just a simple act of kindness that made the other lady a lot more comfortable.

She has encouraged me in so many ways. When I am discouraged, she reminds me of the one who can encourage me. When I am happy, she joins in my celebration. Zelle is such a wonderful example of giving your all to the Lord.

Side note:  She makes the best egg rolls you have ever had.

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