Friday, May 6, 2011

Saluting Special Ladies Part 6

The special ladies for today, are ladies that I was friends with in school.  We lost touch for a while & then we were reunite.  We are now enjoying wonderful friendships together.

Amy, Kyle & her beautiful children.
Amy & Kyle were high school sweethearts.  All 3 of us graduated together.
We were reunited through homeschooling.  Amy is a very talented  photographer.
She loves her family & is a wonderful mama.  We love hanging out with them.

Melinda & her children.(Sorry, no pic. of daddy) Melinda & I were in youth group together.  We saw each other again at my niece's birthday party & kept in touch.  She started our homeschool co-op this year.  We have really enjoyed getting to know her (again) & her children.  She loves her family & her Lord. I have learned a lot from this family. 

Karen with my kids & her son Jacob.
Karen is a new friend, but I have know her husband since Kindergarten.  Her son, Jacob & Faith started playing together at a homeschool park day & have been great friends ever since.  Thus bringing Karen & I together.

Karen is a very special lady.  She loves her son, husband & her Lord.  We have really enjoyed getting to know each other this year.  I am blessed to call her friend.

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  1. I love this series of posts on friends/mothers! Of course, I know many of these moms--such a blessing! I really love how our co-op has brought together such fabulous families, led by talented moms. You've done a great job with this blog series as you've walked us down memory lane! :)