Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saluting Special Ladies part 5

The Special Ladies today are new friends.  We have met in the last few years. 

Holly & her girls. (Couldn't find a pic with her hubby.)
  I was thankful to meet this pretty lady a few years ago across the street from my in-law's house.  She is a amazing mama.  Her darling girls are so sweet & Faith loves playing with them.  Holly has been such a wonderful and encouraging friend to me.

Julie & her family.  
We met a few years back in another co-op.  God keeps bringing us together.  She is a sweet mother that loves her children very much.  We enjoy spending time with this family.

Danita & her family. 
We met them a few years ago playing homeschool
tennis.  We kept in touch & then ended up in the same co-op.  These ladies
are stylish, funny & love the Lord.

Laura & her family.  
We haven't even known this family for a year yet, but it feels like we've known them forever.  We are different in a lot of areas, but that is one thing that I love about our friendship.  Laura is a wonderful teacher, loves her children  & the Lord.  Her children are so sweet ~ we really love hanging out together.

Tracy & her family.  
We met them a few years back in a different co-op too. 
We have really enjoyed their friendship.  These ladies really love the Lord, have such
a sweet spirit & are just fun to be around.

I have been blessed to have these ladies in my life & have learned so much from them.  As I was writing about my new friends, I remember singing a song called "Make New Friends" when I was in Girl Scouts.

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

With all this silver & gold in my life, I am truly rich.  I am so thankful that God continues to bring wonderful ladies in my life. 


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