Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Mini Tall Painting

The above video inspired our art lesson for today.  The artist is Holton Rower from New York.

We had a great project for co-op today.  I was so excited about this project as well as scared to death.  We would be using house paint for this one.  I prayed all week that we would not get paint in the church. To God be the glory, we left the church paint free!

Prep work took about an hour. Art project about 5 minutes.  Clean up 40 min., but it was worth it to see all the wonderful projects & the kid's smiles.

Casey & Audrey
So thankful for all the moms & dad that helped.  Couldn't have done it without them.
A special Super Thank You to Kyle, one of the Dads for making all the wood forms for us. 

Faith & Madalyn working on their projects.

Hannah, Summer, Collin & Will

Great artists at work.

 JoJo, Michael (look at the excitement on his face) & Whit

Savannah's amazing project.

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