Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rock Around The Clock

We had our Homeschool support group kick-off tonight.  I will be helping the teens sponsor this year's family theme night ~ which will be a Sock Hop.  We had to had to tell our group about it & wanted them to know that it was for the whole family.  So the kids & I dressed up. 

(Notice the pink cat glasses that I'm wearing.  Funny!)

Announcement at Kick off:  David

Hey all you Chickie babies, Cool cats, Greasers, and Motor heads. You are hip to a whole new sound. Pile up the Z’s & leave your pad. Put on your best threads, lose the squares, and get ready to head to fat city for the biggest bash of the year.  Come show off your hand jive & the mashed potato while we do the limbo & hula hoop.  Bring the Ankle-biters, they will go ape.  Let's get cranked and have a blast!  Now I’m going to cut the gas so we can cut out.  Later Gator.

Interpretation:    April
Hey ladies & gentlemen.  Be cool and listen to new music. Get your rest & leave home.  Get dressed in  your best clothes, don’t be a regular person and get ready for a great thing for the biggest party of the year.  Come show off your 50’s dance style while we have contests & games.  Bring the kids, they will be very excited.   Let’s get excited and have a good time.  I’m going to be quiet so we can leave.  Bye.

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