Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tim Hawkin's Concert

We love Tim Hawkins.  He is a Christian comedian that will keep you rolling in laughter.  

Money has been tight this year. So the kids & I started saving our change in March.  I told the kids that if God wanted us to go, then we would have enough money by the time Tim came in Aug.  The kids learned the value of money & were reminded how God provides.  It was a rewarded blessing to watch the kids count the change & put it into money rolls.  The closer that we got to the final ticket amount, the shouts started coming. We had saved $106, which was way more than we needed.  Praise God!

My brother-in-law found these cards in the church for us to get signed.  Thanks Uncle Kyle!

My niece & nephew - Ashton & Nathan along with Faith, Will & Collin looking at the stage.
Waiting for Tim to take the stage.

Tim Live in Concert

Waiting in line to meet Tim & get his autograph.

Will talking to Tim.  
Tim is a homeschool dad & makes jokes about homeschooling.
Tony told him that we homeschool & he said "yes, I can smell it."

Collin & Tim.

Faith, Froggy & Tim.

What a great night.  We laughed so hard that our faces & our sides hurt.

Collin posing with the Rochester Gang

We had a wonderful surprise.  The Rochesters were watching the concert too.  They are our favorite Christian Blue Grass singing group.  They have such a sweet spirit & love the Lord.  It was funny, because while we were talking to them in line & getting their picture, people we looking at us ~ trying to figure out who these people were.  :) Little did they know they were amoung some wonderful musicians that has blessed the nation.

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