Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Snippets

My kids love to invent things. They invented frozen shampoo cubes. I was wondering why my shampoo was very low after I just bought it. Now I know. They want to sale it. So if you are in the market for frozen shampoo cubes, we've got them.


The kids & I were reminiscing about when they were born.  Each one laid in my lap as I told them of their birth.  Thankfully, all 3 were C-Sections.  When I was telling Collin about his, Faith said that she remembered when he was born.  I told her that she wasn't born when Collin was born.  She told me that she was there - she remembered & that I did not.  We discussed it for a few minutes.  She never did understand the fact that she wasn't there.  


The kids had earned some money with their Daddy & Papa last week.  The money was burning a hole in their pocket.  Yesterday, we went to spend a little of it.  Collin got 3 small toys & 2 candy bars.  When we were leaving the store, he said, "3 toys & 2 candy bars, I'm in heaven."   Unfortunately, that heaven didn't last long. Faith found one of the candy bars & ate them without asking.

It was a great teaching tool.  We learned how material things don't last forever nor are they were we put our true happiness.  We also discussed how Heaven is eternal.  When God gives us little teaching tools along the way - it makes them so much more memorable .



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