Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 Celebrating 100 Blog Posts ~ This & That

YAY!!!  100 Blog Posts on 10-10-10.  I've really enjoyed writing & recording memories of our family.  Looking back over the year's posts, I've been reminded of God's many blessings.

This & That

 We are starting to work on Faith's Tea Party/Fishing Party for her birthday.  She loved the "pink curlies."

Tony found a wasp's nest.
This one fell out.

We found "Squirrely" in our driveway with his back broken.  

We tried to nurse him back to health, but he only survived 4 days.
The kids hung this up while I was in the bathroom.  They thought it 
was so funny to "scare" Mama.  Then Faith was hiding in the washing machine 
& jumped out to scare me. 

Always something interesting going on in 
the 'Buck house hold.

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