Friday, October 22, 2010

Chop - Chop

My sister - in - law had a few trees cut down.  An older gentleman at our church was going to get the wood.  Tony said that he wanted to show the boys how to chop wood & to help out an older saint out.

Tony showing the boys how it's done. 
The boys thought it was so cool that he could cut
the wood in two with just one chop.

Collin had a lot of fun.  He was able to chop some.  
The axe was still a little too heavy for him.

Look at the big stump Collin cut through.
(Okay, here's a little secret, Tony actually cut it, but Collin finished it off.)
But since a picture's worth a 1000 words, we won't say anything different.

Will did really good.  
Get ready....

Chop.....(see the crack going through the wood)

Oh yeah!  Victory!

Faith had fun trying.
I tried too.  I realized real fast that it was 
not a job for me.  So I just stacked the wood.

Faith loved helping me stack the wood.  
She said "I feel just like Laura Ingalls helping her Pa."

 Mr. Hallman was so thankful that he didn't have to chop the rest of the
wood.  What a great lesson in servanthood as well as how to survive
on the land.  Well at least one of the many lessons of land survival.

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