Friday, October 29, 2010

28 Days of Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for my 1st born son, Will.  He asked Jesus into his heart at the tender age of 6.  He loves His Lord!  He has started many talks about spiritual things with me.

What a wonderful ray of sunshine he is in our life.  He is very mature for his age.  Which is good and bad.  I don't want him to miss out on being a little boy.  Thankfully, he does still enjoy playing games, pretending & snuggling up with his Mama.  At times, he likes to be alone to read, crochet or just to ponder on things.  He enjoys fishing, shooting guns, inventing things, playing the piano & singing.

I am so blessed & thankful to be chosen by God to be his Mama.  It is my prayer that he will continue to grow closer to the Lord, have a tender heart for others & always live for Him.

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