Thursday, November 26, 2009

Traditions Through Pictures

We started 2 new traditions last year. Our first one: the 5 of us have a Thanksgiving meal on Wed. night. (Our church has our Wed. night service on Mon. night during Thanksgiving.) I wanted to use this time to teach them how to prepare for a big meal, a time a praising the Lord through song while we work, and for having a good time with family. The kids really have a great time & look forward to it.

I am so thankful we made a menu book last year. This year it saved me a lot of time in preparing.

Collin loved playing with Mr. Turkey. He cracks me up.

Collin is my hard worker. He did a lot of the work. He set the table for me.

Will created our centerpiece. Faith wanted to leave a gold plate for Jesus to sit.

Will was in charge of making our lunch. That was a big help.

The kids needed a little break from cooking. They got to hot outside and used the tree as a coat hanger.

Faith is getting really good a cracking an egg. She loves baking.

Will had fun making the dessert. Yummy!

We had a great dinner. Faith was happy that Mr. Turkey was sitting at Jesus' seat.

Tony carving the turkey. Collin carved seconds. He used the big sharp knife (as I was holding my breathe and praying.) was so excited & he did a really great job.

The kids served the food. It is always a lot of work, but the kids talk about it through out the year, so I know that they are learning. Hopefully, when the boys get married in 2050 :), they will help their wives or a least really appreciate their work. Maybe it won't be stressful for Faith to make a holiday meal because she would have done it most of her life.

I love Traditions!

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