Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Love Our Pastor & His Wife

Tonight, we had a special service celebrating our pastor's 30 years of preaching at our church. What a blessing Pastor Gene and Mrs. Ann have been to our family.

(<- Will getting baptized when he was 6) Pastor Gene doesn't preach "feel good" messages. He preaches straight from the bible. Sometimes it is not things that I want to hear, but things I need to hear. I can honestly say that he lives what he preaches.

Not only does he love his "sheep", but he loves other men of God - other preachers and missionaries. I believe that is one reason God has blessed our church so much.

When Faith was younger, she was scared of the preacher. She would always hide behind me when he came around. He always showed her love. When she came around, boy did she come around. She calls him "her Preacher Man". We can't leave church until she gives him a hug. One day we forgot and we had to drive back to the church so she could give him a hug. We pray for him every night. She has picked up one of his favorite sayings "let it rip 'tator chip."

Mrs. Ann, our preacher's wife- what a lady! She is so talented. She can decorate, sing, play the piano, and the guitar. Thanks to her, Collin now want to play the guitar. She has the biggest heart I have ever seen. Just to show an example of her love for others, she made & embroidered dresses and boy's shirts for all 31 children who sing in our children's choir. Just because. I've seen her, many times, weep over people's burdens and heartache. I could go on and on of examples of her love.

She has taught me so much in how to raise and love my babies. Through her teaching, friendship and actions, she has shown me how to be a lady after God's own heart.

(Good or bad) Pastor Gene & Mrs. Ann, are in part, the reason I am the person I am today. I love them so much. I am blessed to have them in my life.

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