Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving, we start on our Christmas traditions- decorating the tree while listening to old Christmas music and going to the Nutcracker.

Last year we were blessed with a free piano. The only problem was the piano had to go where we put the tree. We didn't have a big tree up last year. I realized real fast that we could not do that again this year. So Tony moved everything over and we squeezed it all in. It's tight, but it works.

Tony pulled down the Christmas tree & put it up. Then he was off to work on one of our properties.

Collin had a ball helping me put up the lights. Most of the lights didn't work, so we had to jump in the van and buy some more. Lights have really gone up this year in price. We put up 4 new boxes of lights only to find out that we didn't have enough for the very top. Ugh! Off to the store again for one more box.

Faith- the dare devil. She is standing on the arm of the couch to hang her ornaments.

Every year, we do a picture ornament for each of the kids. We also either buy or make an ornament that represents something that they started doing, like that year or vacation spots that we've been to. I get a kick out of watching everyone remember special times they've had & seeing their pictures when they were younger.

The tree is up and the den is a mess. We still have the rest of the house to decorate tomorrow.


The Nutcracker Ballet

My darling hubby plays trumpet for the Nutcracker every year. With that, we are entitled to special privileges. Since we have to get there so early, we get to go down in the orchestra pit and play the instruments before the ballet starts.

The 'lil Bucks and Mama eagerly waiting for the ballet to start. Faith and I love to dress up for the ballet. The boys only do it to please Mama.

The boy's favorite part is when they kill the rat with the cannonball. Faith's & Mama's are the pretty costumes and the snow.

I love it. The music is beautiful as well as the costumes.

Even though I love it, I am not a big ballet fan. About half way through the second half, I start getting very antsy as well as Collin & Faith. So this year, I told them that we would only stay for the 1st half. Will wanted to stay for the 2nd half. We were able to get him a front row seat right beside Tony.

This year I came prepared. We brought games. This was a lot of fun even though we got several funny looks. There were several parents roaming the halls with their little ones - I'm sure they were wishing they brought something for them to do as well.

While we were waiting, I asked Faith if she had a good time. The right picture above was her response. What do you think? Actually, she did enjoy it. When we were leaving, she was asking to come back again next week.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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