Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Friend in Glory Land

Today, I attended my friend's funeral.  Tony & I used to get together with her & her husband, Scott, a good bit before we had children.  Before both families started having babies, the Lord led them to another church.  I am thankful for Facebook where we were reunited.  Rhonda & I would instant message each other about our families, school & the Lord. 

My heart is so heavy for her husband, Scott as well as for her 3 young children.  Her arm started hurting  & she went to the doctor last Mon. or Tues. Without going into all the details, the Lord took her home Wed. night.  It happened so fast.  It was her time to go home to be with Jesus.  I have to admit, I have asked the Lord, why.  She was living for Him & healthy up until now.  I do believe that it is okay to ask for answers. This is an answer that I will have to wait for until it is my time to cross over into Glory land.

During the funeral, I could see Scott.  What a testimony he has.  He is clinging to the Lord & the Lord has given him the grace that he needs to get through this time.  I know that Rhonda is having the time of her life.  I am sure, that if given the chance, she would not wish to return to this world.

Although, I do not understand God's will ~ I trust in Him completely & know that He loves Scott & the children .  He only wants what is best for them.  He did not take Rhonda home to hurt her family.  My God is good ~ especially through the trials/bad times.

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