Thursday, March 3, 2011

Library Homeschool Classes

We have got the best library around.  The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly & loves homeschoolers.

They have homeschool classes every other  week.

The 1st class if a photography class.

They learned about "old cameras" that used film, as well as how to take great pictures.

The highlight was painting a picture frame for their awesome pictures that they would soon be shooting. 

2 weeks later they had a drama class.  They participate in drama games to help them learn the art of acting.

:Getting to know you:

Pretend to be walking in a strong wind storm.

:Strike a pose & hold it:

Our 3rd homeschool class was Puppet Pizazz. 

 This was the favorite puppet.

What a treat to see what goes on behind the puppet stage.  
As a rule, they don't let the kids see how the puppets are operated. 

Faith helping the teacher do shadow puppets.

:Puppetier ~ Collin:

:Puppetier ~ Will:

:Learning how to work the puppets:

:Getting ready to perform:

:Their great performance:

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