Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Life Lessson for Valentine's Day

We had a great family Valentine celebration, for the most part.  Tony took us to Yamato Japanese Restaurant.  We love watching them cook & send up the fire.  (One of our favorite songs is Send Down The Fire by the Primitive Quartet.  We sing it every time we see fire. :)

Then we went to H H Gregg to look at televisions.  While we were there my cell phone got stolen.  Collin used my cell phone to call Tony about a cell that was at the front of the store. I took Collin & Faith to the restroom. Collin took it in the stall with him. A lady came in talking up a storm, she seemed real nice. She went in the stall after Collin. I asked him where my phone was & he said that he left it in the stall. (She could hear us talking.)

After she came out, I went in to look for it, it was gone. I checked Collin's pockets & jacket one more time (cause I thought "I know that lady didn't take it, she was so nice.) By the time We got out the restroom, I scanned the store, no sign of her. I went to both desks asking if someone turned it in., Nothing.

We told Tony, he started calling. She answered 2 times, but didn't say anything & hung up. To make a 2 hour story short, we talked to the police & deactivated it.

We prayed for that lady several times, because she either isn't saved or is so far away from the Lord. Collin feels like it's his fault. I assured him that it was not.

This was a huge teaching lesson about why I won't let them wonder off in a store alone. Thieves don't always look scary & may be very kind. I praised God that it was only my phone that was stolen & my babies were safe.

After this eventful trip, Tony took us to Starbucks.  The kids got a "milkshake" & we got coffee & just had fun talking. 

Needless to say, I praised God some more & I hugged my kids just a little tighter & longer before going to bed.

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