Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Co-Op Presentations

I love our co-op.  We have some really great kids as well as some really great moms.  Each week on child presents a Physicist.  Will & Collin present back - to - back weeks.

Will did his on Galileo Galilei.

We learned so much about Galileo. Will did a wonderful job presenting.    Click here for a fun short animated videos on Galileo.  Will's favorite Galileo invention was his thermometer.

Collin presented the next week on Benjamin Franklin.  This was his first time ever to present.  He was a little nervous, but did a great job.

Collin was a host of the game show "Your Life, Benjamin Franklin".  He was highlighting Benjamin's science discoveries.  Thankfully, we were only presenting on his science accomplishments & not the rest of his life's achievements.    When were half way finished with the research, (being the good home school mom that I am) I said that I wish he would stop inventing things. (I was tired of researching)  Collin cleverly said, "Mom, he did stop, he's dead."

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