Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The busy days of the 'lil Bucks, Part 2

Swimming in January!  The kids were so excited to be invited to their friends' (twins) swimming birthday party.  The parents rented a room & were able to have the pool for the party.  So much fun.

Will with his goggles.

Collin loved this waterfall.
Faith was the youngest that was invited.  Everyone wanted to borrow her pink floaty. :)

 We love our local library.  They have great classes throughout the year for homeschoolers.

 The Gems & Mineral Society did a class on gems & minerals.

Will & Collin examining a rock.

Faith and her friends, Jacob, Eli, Cheyenne & Cayman examining the gems.

Can you guess what they are checking out by the looks on their faces? 

 I love this fossil.  
A shell was oxidized with iron.  
I learn a lot in these classes as well.

My friend, Amy, gave me the idea of doing a chocolate unit study around Valentine's Day.  It was a lot of fun & changed up our routine a little.

Will came up with this experiment.  To see which would melt first an M&M or a Hershey's Hug.
The M&M did because it was smaller than the Hug.

Collin doing Hershey bar fractions.

Faith doing M&M math.

Will working on Hershey Bar fractions.
 We checked out the original version of Willy Wonka from the library.  
We have watched it many times.
We are reading The Chocolate Touch.  
This was a favorite of mine when I was young.

We also studied the rain forest,~ which is where Cocoa is from, how Monkeys help in the chocolate process, geography and so much more.

Our zoo has free Fridays during January & February.  Last Friday was in the mid 50s, so we took advantage of the free/warm day.

My favorite animal, penguins.  We got to watch them get fed & learned a lot about them.

:Love starfish:

We were disappointed  that the tortoises were not out, 
but we did have fun with this bronze tortoise.


 Will & I on the bronze elephant.

:Feeding the goats:

Flamingos!  The kids found flamingo feathers on the ground.  What a great find!


Our friends, Logan & Carson were born on Feb. 12th & Feb. 15th  2 years apart.  They had a joint birthday party this past Saturday at a ceramic store. 

 I was very happy that the boys really didn't mind that
they were older then the other kids.

Collin painting tiger paws on his mug.
:Faith & Collin:

 Will striping his bowl blue & yellow.
We can't wait until later this week to see what they look 
like after they are fired in the oven.

Carson, Faith, Logan, Collin & Will.  
They are such sweet young ladies.

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