Thursday, February 10, 2011

The busy days of the 'lil Bucks, Part 1

This year has flown by.  Can't believe that it is February.  We have had several fun mini excursions.

We were able to buy a year's membership to the children's museum for 1/2 price.  What a blessing!

Will inside a giant boy's stomach, laying on an ice cream sandwich.

 Virtual volleyball.  Notice the 'lil Bucks on the left side of the screen.

Will, letting the skeletons out of the closet.

Faith, the fire girl.

This is Collin & Faith's favorite "exhibit". They get to go grocery shopping & then check out.

:Fireman Collin jumps into action:

I just love penguins.


Faith & I adore our tea parties.  I posted about this quaint little restaurant before.  This time, we took our tea cups.  Our waitress thought it was such a great idea.  We got some looks.  I can't help but think that they wish they had tea cups too. :)

Faith "Ladies must have their pinkies up."

One of my favorite tea cups.  I found this cup at antique shop.  All 3 kids went with me last time & found great treasures also.


 Our annual AWANA Grand Prix is always an event that we look forward to.  This year, the time slipped up on us & we didn't have time to make new ones.   Thankfully, the cars from last year were still in good shape.  

Will's car is on the left.  He was excited to win 1st place.

Will hanging out with friends.

Collin with his 3rd place camo car.
Faith still loves her watermelon car that got her 2nd place in Cubbies.

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