Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Crafts

God always meets our needs.  At times, He meets our wants as well.  We didn't have to make our teachers Valentine gifts, but we wanted to.  He provided an idea as well as the resources.  Money is tight & we didn't have a lot of money to spend.

We used Snapple bottles that we already had, printed off these labels & filled them with Smartie candies.
The teachers loved them.

For the men AWANA teachers:
My in-laws stock up on Dasani water.  Faith decided (on her own
to call Papa and ask if he could bring us a case.) We used card stock 
paper that we already had from Faith's B-Day party, found a fish template on the internet
for the tags & used some Kool-Aid packets that we had.  We printed off labels 
that said Fish Bait, attached it to the packets & tied it along with a straw onto
the bottles with ribbon.

 For the lady AWANA teacher:
We did the same as above, but found some Valentine wrapping paper at
Target in the dollar aisle.  We used some diet pink lemonade drink mix that we had.  Printed off
labels with Love Juice on them.

These were ideas that I found on the internet.  I apologize to the 2 blogs where I got these two ideas from.  I did not save the site so that I could give them credit.  




My friend, Melinda introduced us to Quilling.
We were blessed thatshe gave us some supplies to get started.
It's an old craft dating back to the 1600's.
My sister-in-law had a heart attack on Valentine's Day last year.  I wanted to make her
a card to celebrate her year since the attack.  This card started our love for quilling.

(For some reason, I can't get this picture to turn like it should) 
Here is one that I made for a friend for Valentine's Day.

 Another card.
The kids have picked up on this craft as well.  It is 
inexpensive, fast & fun.

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