Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sewing Bags & Encouragement

Collin's 1st sewing project. (Didn't think to get the camera until after it was made.) Collin made this all by himself. I put the pedal on a step stool, gave him instructions & he was off.

Homemade traveling stationary bag!

Before life got filled with precious children, I was very good about sending cards to encourage, to thank, for birthday wishes and so on. After my days got full, I fell off the wagon. I missed doing it. I enjoy opening the mailbox (expecting nothing but bills & junk mail) and have a surprise card from someone. What a treat! I want to do the same for others again.

Someone gave Tony the cute little red knit envelope bag with a gift card in it. He got the card, I got the bag. It was perfect to hold return address labels & stamps. Cards, addresses, sticky note, a pen & my little traveling encouragment bag is ready to go. There are so many times when I'm out and about with a few minutes here and there - that I don't get at home. With so much going on, it is essential to use the time wisely.

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  1. I really like the idea of a travel bag and a stationary bag. I have a question, Does your stationary bag have stiff sides so that your paper doesn't not get bent.

    I has started sending encouragement notes when my oldest was little and just got two busy with 9 kids. Now my youngest is going to be 7 next week and I would like to start again.