Friday, February 26, 2010

1st Karate Tournament

The lilbucks had their 1st karate tournament this past weekend. They had a lot of fun. Collin & Faith were ready to do it again that afternoon. My nerves were all messed up. Being a karate mom, may take some getting used to.
Collin demonstrating his forms.
Faith flag sparring. (right)

Faith grappling. (in white)

Collin grappling. (in white)

Collin grappling.

Collin & Faith with their medals.

Will demonstrating his forms.

Will flag sparring. (In the black helmet)

I've always taught my boys to respect women and to not hit. The first time Will got on the mat, he had to fight a girl. Ugh! This girl did not hold back. She got called down several times for excessive force. This was a long match. The refs couldn't see who got the point, so they had to keep fighting. Will started getting upset, but he pushed through it. I told him after the match, that I was prouder of him for continuing with the match when he was upset than I was that he won the match. I also told him, to respect & don't hit girls off the mat, but on the mat it's a different story. Respect them by not treating them differently than you would a guy. I may have him really confused.

Will grappling. That boy can throw down.

Will with his medal.

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