Friday, February 12, 2010

Special Lotion

For many years, when the kids had a "boo boo"(A pain that didn't break the skin) I would give them "Special Lotion". Guaranteed to heal all the hurts. After applying the lotion, we had some snuggling time & they were off. The next time they got hurt, they would ask for "special lotion".

My 8 year old figured it out today. He said "mind tricks are very powerful." I told him that love and attention heals a lot of pain.

A little while later, Faith came running in the room crying because she fell. Will grabs the lotion and asks her if she wants some "special lotion". He put it on her knee, gives her a hug & she's off running again. Will turns around and says, "You were right, Mom."

We all need a little love and attention from time to time.

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