Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We celebrated Jesus' Birthday today. I don't have it together enough to celebrate His birthday on the same day as the events on Christmas Day. 2 years ago, we started celebrating His birth on Dec. 23.

This morning, I woke up to Will playing Christmas Carols. What a marvelous thing to wake up to.

The early bird catches the worm. Will got to make the cake by himself since he was the only one awake. After everyone woke up, the cake was ready to decorate.

It's round to show that there is no end to God's love. (John 3:16)
The cake is dark to represent our hearts filled with sin. (Rom. 3:26)
White icing- Jesus washes our sins white a snow. (Rom. 6:23)
Angel- to remind us of the good tidings that were brought to the shepherds that
night (Luke 2:10)
Star - to represent the star they followed to worship Jesus.
12 red - Candles. Red to represent the blood that Jesus shed for us (Rom. 5:8)
The light - He is the light of the world. 12 candles to remind us to celebrate His light all 12 months of the year.
Evergreen- something living and growing. If we accept Jesus, we'll grow closer to Him and live for evermore. (John 15:5)

We played a game about Jesus' birth story.

We enjoyed reading books about His birth.
The 12 Days of Christmas by Robert Sabuda
The Candymaker's Gift by David & Helen Haidle
The Christmas Lizard by Cory Edwards
The Story of Christmas: The birth of Jesus
Georgie The Frog in A Christmas Surprise by Glorianne Gibbs

We acted out the Christmas story. We had lots of visiting animals. Not sure if an iguana was really there.

We enjoyed doing the Adorenament Tree. It explains 12 of Jesus' names. Emmanuel, The Door, The True Vine, Living Water, The Light of the World, Bright Morning Star, The Lion from the tribe of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Good Shepherd, The King of kings and Lord of Lords, and The Bread of Life, Savior. Our Pastor's wife, Mrs. Ann does this with the Sparks at our church. She let me borrow it. Hopefully, next year, we'll be able to find real ornaments that goes with each name.

We sang and listened to Christmas Carols all through out the day. We had such a good time praising our Savior.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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