Friday, December 11, 2009

God's Many Gifts

It's amazing to see how many gifts God has given me. When I finally start looking. Some are huge and some are small. Sometimes the small gifts are the best.

15. Poinsettias. They are so bright and happy. Just looking at them brings me joy. Our church uses them to decorate during the Christmas season. I love them.

16. Good godly men that can fill in for our preacher when he's away. (Which isn't often.) Our preacher went on vacation last week. Then this week he had to go out of town to preach Andew Smith's funeral. We've enjoyed some good preaching. I am ready for him to come back though.

17. A godly preacher that preaches the Word without "sugar coating" it. A pastor that loves his Lord and his "flock".

18. A preacher's wife that has such a sweet spirit, loves her Creator and His people.

19. Good bluegrass Christian Music. My favorite - The Rochesters. Not only do they have a wonderful sound & voices, but their love for the Lord shines through.

20. My favorite Christmas song of all time. "The Greatest Christmas Tree" Written by Becky Rochester Matthews.

"Shepherds came to worship Him. Wise men came from afar, but the light that they were seeking, was more than just a star. It was heaven's gift sent down to earth, Mary's little boy. Wrap there in swaddling clothes was peace, love and joy.

There's never been a greater gift, God gave His only son. To whom extended mercy and grace to everyone. The reason why this King would come to be born within a stall, was to die for me on Calvary, the greatest Christmas Tree of all.

From a stable in Bethlehem, to a cross upon a hill, praying Father, please not my will, but thine to full fill. From the safety of a virgin's womb to be hung on Calvary. Where the light of the world decorated the Greatest Christmas Tree.

The soldiers that nailed Him there, no beauty could they see. Yet an ornament of love, they were hanging on that tree. No ribbons, no angel tops, just a thorny crown. And the gift to all the world was His blood flowing down."

21. Christmas lights. Our county really knows how to do Christmas lights.

22. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What He said in His Word never changes. Just because the world's ideas of what is right and wrong change, His does not. Which means that I don't have to decide what "I think" is right or wrong. He has it clear in His Word. If it was wrong when Jesus walked on earth, it's wrong now.

23. Snuggling with my family on a cold night.

24. Listening to my children giggle in the car.

25. Christmas Cards. My favorite are the cards that have family letters and pictures in them.

26. My 2 sets of china. I didn't have any for the first 12 years of our marriage. Then I was given two totally different patterns by 2 wonderful ladies- Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Yvonne. I love elegant. I just can't afford it. When it's given to me, I treasure it.

27. Kids and my hubby laughing at "America's Most Funniest Videos."

28. A new book that I've been reading. It has helped me to look for God's gifts. The God Hunt by Karen Mains.

My cup runneth over!

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