Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day

Tony had to play at a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. So the kids and I drove around looking at Christmas lights.

One of our friend's house has lots of decorations in their yard. We get to walk around looking at them.

Afterwards, we came home for the kids to open the presents from each other. I hid them in the Christmas tree. They had fun being on a present hunt. Build-a-Bear gift cards. Yea!After they opened presents, we put out sheep food for the Shepherds following the star to Bethlehem. (Oatmeal & gold glitter).

The boys woke up at 5:45am ready to open presents. Tony asked them to go back to bed until daylight.

I got up at 7:15. At 7:30, I heard Will's alarm go off. I could hear him open the blinds and then call out to Collin that it was day light outside ~ time to open presents. After they woke up Faith, they came into the den. Collin confessed that they had come into the den earlier that night and checked out the loot. (I did this as a child many times, too.)

Faith saw the huge present that was for her. What a face! (We didn't get a pic.) A dollhouse. I don't know who was more excited about it- Faith or me.

Will's favorite gift was his digital camera.

Collin loved his guitar, remote control R2D2, his Nerf gun, bow & arrow- basically everything.

We are going to the beach next week. The place where we are staying, has indoor pools. The kids wanted me to make them a bathrobe so they could take it with them. (To keep them warm when we walk from the pool to our room.) They were very surprised that they got them.

Why do we buy presents, when all the kids really want to do is play in the box?

After our Christmas brunch (waffles and beacon), we played with the toys. Then we snuggled on our bed to watch one of their new DVDs. Tony & I fell asleep- for a short nap. Then we played with some of the their new board games.

Then off to the grandparents. The kids loved playing with their cousins- Ashton & Nathan, as well as their friends Carson & Logan. (Faith & Logan above)

Present time- mass confusion, but a whole lot of fun.
Will & Ashton gave us a Christmas concert. I'm so proud of those two. Faith sang a little song. Faith kept giving me hugs and telling me she loved me until she could get her nerve up to sing. What a Joy!

With our tummies and hearts full, we headed home. We decided to let the kids stay up late. Collin started cleaning the den for me - finding homes for all the loot. Before Will went to bed, he came to me with tears in his eyes thanking me for his presents, for making his robe and for being his mom.

My cup runneth over as well as my tears.

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  1. Love you, girl! Love your post! You are such a great Mom!!!!