Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gifts in Abundance

We just finished our Children's Christmas program. Jesus- The Light of the World. Will- Native American, Faith- Celtic & Collin- from the islands.

I am still counting my many blessings.

29. Wonderful people to help with the drama. I've been blessed to have worked with the children's Christmas play for many many years. Once you find people that are willing, dependable and creative to help, you hold on to them.

Donnie & Debbie, Becky, Tonya,Cindy, Ronda, Lisa, Kim, Dr.Tony Roebuck- my hubby, Mr. G. Boatwright, Deborah, Beth, Mr. Bob, JB, Kim & Joe, Nathan, Tucker,Seth, Mike, Lee, Heather, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Hallman, Mrs. Cindy, Mrs. Ann and JW & Judith. What a huge Blessing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

30. A special young man at our church, Tucker. He holds a special place in my heart. He always has a kind spirit, he loves the Lord and will do anything you ask of him. If you know Tucker, you know what a blessing he is to have in your life. I am so blessed to know him.

31. Thirty one amazing children in our choir. Anna, Ashlyn, Mary, Collin, Campbell, Laural, Kendell, Adam, Brayden, Katie Ann, Amber, Brianna, Makenzie, Daniel, Jordan, Kaytlynn, Hunter, Chloe, Will, Mia, Makayla, Allyson, Faith, Callie, Allyssa, Alaynah, Eli, Noah, Caitlyn and Daniel. What a joy to teach these children.

32. Nancy Knight- a wonderful lady that plays the piano for the children's choir and who is co- "director" with me for the children's choir.

33. "My Favorite Things" song. It just makes me happy. The children & I love to sing it.

34. Collin surprising me by dressing up without me asking. My, he's handsome- just like his daddy.

35. Will waking up singing. It brings joy to my heart.

36. Our friends and missionaries to the Philippines coming home on furlough. Can't wait to spend time with them.

37. Camping out in the den.

38. Blue Belly Buttons. Or should I say washable markers on blue belly buttons. You never know what your children will come up with.

Thank you God, for showing me so many of the gifts You've given me.

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