Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Christmas Season part 1

We have been so busy this month.  I am so thankful that we finished school on Dec. 3rd.  Other than reading & math, we won't be doing school until Jan. Woo Hoo!

Our main craft/present this year was making scarves for everyone.  It has been a lot of fun.  Since I was pretty much making them the night before we met up with our friends, I didn't have time to take pictures.  UGH!!!  Only a few more to go.  :)

We always put up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  This year, we decided to string popcorn for our tree.  This was the first time we had done this.  It was a lot of  fun.

This was the first year that the boys put the lights up outside.    Collin came up with a very inventive way to carry the ladder.
 Will was the only one that had the nerve to go up the ladder. (Including me)  He did a great job.

This ladder was very heavy.  I'm sure the neighbors had a funny show watching us try to move it. Collin called Papa to come over to help us move the ladder.  Then Papa, Collin & Faith started blowing the leaves.  When they were 1/3 way into it, Tony was able to join them & finish the leaves with the lawn mower.


 November 29th was my Nanny's birthday.  We went to her new grave to see the head stone.  It was nice to see, but I'm not big on visiting graves.   We stayed a few minutes.

Then we went to her house.  That is where I could feel her presences.  I could see her working in her garden, meeting us at the door with so much joy, hugging her hello as well as goodbye.  While walking around in her yard, I found a perfect single white rose.  She was so proud of her rose garden.  It was such a wonderful reminder of her.

Our co-op Christmas Party
Several of the girls decided to sing for us.  Faith (on the left in pink) decided that she wanted to sing with them.
 After this song, the kids & I sang "It's About the Cross".  I love that song.

The preschool co-op class was able to join us for the party.  This was the first time that they made marshmallow atoms.  So cute to watch them.  Faith with her favorite friend in co-op, Eli.

It's fun to watch the older children verses the younger children when they are working on a project.  The older children are very serious as to where things go.
 Collin - in camo.
The younger children really just don't care ~ as long as they can eat the marshmallows.

Toy Soldiers

 We went to our friend, Jacob's Christmas play for his school.  Faith was so excited to see him.  She wanted to know why she couldn't be in the play. :)

Faith & Jacob ~ 
He was the best Toy Soldier that we've ever seen.
Karen, you did a great job on his costume.

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