Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Christmas In Heaven

Wow!  This month has flown by.  We have been so busy.  I realized that I haven't posted anything since Dec. 1 & that was a re-post.  I have many wonderful things to post from the last few weeks.  Hopefully, when things slow down a bit, I'll be able to sit down & write about them.  There was one thing that was on my mind & I just had to put it down on paper computer.

On the way to church today, I started missing my Nanny.  God reminded me that this was her first Christmas in Heaven.  I had been so wrapped up in my sorrow, that I had forgotten to think about what my Nanny is doing right now.  What a Christmas I am sure she is having.  To see Jesus, to walk along side of Him ~ to be in the presence of The King.  What a wonderful peace to know that when she asked Jesus to be her Savior, at the age of 84, she then became a child of the King. 

A sweet dear man from our church gave me something & told me to read it later.  When I got home & opened it up it was perfect for what God had reminded me about.  If you've had a loved one that has gone on to be with the Lord, I hope this will help you. 

First Christmas In Heaven

I've had my first Christmas in Heaven,
A glorious wonderful day!
I stood with saints of the ages,
Who found Christ, the truth, the way.

I sang with the heavenly choir, 
Just think!  I, who longd to sing,
And oh, what celestial music
We brought to our Savior the King.

We sang the glad songs of redemption,
How Jesus to Bethlehem came,
And how they had called His name Jesus,
That all might be saved through that name.

We sang once again with the angels,
The song that they sang that blest morn,
When shepherds first heard the glad story
That Jesus, the Savior, was born.

O, Darling, I wish you had been here,
No Christmas on earth could compare
With all the rapture and glory
We witnessed in Heaven so fair.

You know how I always loved Christmas,
It semed such a wonderful day,
With all my loved ones around me,
The children so happy that day.

Yes, now I can see why I loved it,
And oh, what a joy it will be,
When you and my loved ones are with me,
To share in the glories I see.

So, dear ones on earth, here's my greeting,
Look up till the day dawn appears, 
And oh, what a Christmas awaits us,
Beyond all our partings and tears!

~ Author Unknown

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