Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fight Night

The kids had their first Karate Fight Night. Will had decided that he wasn't going to fight that night.  Collin & Faith were so excited about it.

There were kids all ages and all degrees of belts.  The idea
is to get use to fighting people that you don't know.  Not to be
nervous or afraid.

Faith & Collin got to fight together a good bit.

 Faith gets this guy.  I don't think that she is afraid of anyone.
This guy was so gentle with her.  Very proud of this young man.

But she thought she was David taking down Goliath. 

Then Collin got his chance to fight him.


 After a while, Will decided to fight.  He was paired up with a black belt.


Brothers fighting.  It was interesting to see the difference between 
the kids fighting someone they know vs. someone they didn't.  
Faith loved this girl that she is fighting with, Savannah.  
Savannah was very good with Faith & tried to teach
her while they were fighting.
Will is on the right fighting.

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