Thursday, September 2, 2010

That's What's for Supper

Hmm, what are we going to have for supper?

Money is a little tight this week. Actually, it's pretty tight every week. I "need" to go to the grocery store, but I'm scared to spend money right now. We have a few bills that haven't cleared & I would hate to have an over draft.

I've heard of Eat From the Pantry Challenge. This week & next, we are going to do this. I'm sure we will have crazy meals throughout the next few days.

Tonight, we are having a normal meal. Chicken breast, yeast rolls that I found hiding in the back of my freezer (Yay for hide-a-ways), green beans & rice. We are pretty much out of cereal (that the kids like) so Collin, Faith & I made apple muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.

I have a dear friend, Susan, that does the coupons (Southern Savers) & gets things for a "steal". Most things she gets for just a few cents & sometimes the cashier owes her money. She loves it. She said that it is her hobby. I, on the other hand, love finding deals & sales, but can not do it like she does. It takes a lot of time - time that I would rather spend on other things.

Susan has things stashed here and there. She has even begun storing things in her camper. I told her that she needs to write the price that she paid for it on the items & then let me just buy from her. She said that was a great idea. Oh yeah, Baby! Hopefully, today or tomorrow, I can go over & get a few things that we can't live without. Like toilet paper.

I always enjoy seeing how God provides day after day.

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