Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homeschool Swap

It was so nice to receive a package in the mail.  I love getting mail (not bills).  This was the first time that I participated in the Homeschool Swap.  The kids & I had just as much fun looking for treasures to send off as we did receiving ours. 

We swapped with Tammy.  We fell in love with her precious little boy, Parker.  We have his picture on our
refrigerator so that we can pray for him.

The lil 'Bucks were so excited to find treasures in there for them as well.

Our Treasures:

Crayon Pencils

Halloween Pencils
Glue sticks
Rock Candy
Fall Sprinkles for cookies
Wooden Blessing sign (already displayed on my kitchen shelf)
Quilting Magazine
Earthways: Simple Environmental Activities for Young Children

Thank you so much, Tammy for all of our great goodies.  Looking forward to doing the Oct. Swap.

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  1. Aww... how sweet:) What an awesome idea! And yes, I'll take anything other than bills!!!