Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank You Teachers

There are some really great ladies teaching my children in Sunday School. Tomorrow is promotion Sunday. Will & Faith will be moving up. They are excited about their new classes, but very sad to leave there former teachers.

I am so thankful that these ladies love our children enough to put a lot of time into teaching them about our Lord. I know that sometimes it can be discouraging. Sometimes, it seems like all you do is referee the class or that you are talking to the walls. But yes, ladies my children are listening. I ask each one of them, every week, what they learned in SS as well as Kiddie Church/Jr. Church. If I forget, they remind me that I didn't ask & proceed to tell me what they have learned.

I have taught SS & Kiddie Church, for many years, in the past. There were some days when I thought that I needed to step down & let someone else teach. Then someone would send me a thank you note or a small gift thanking me for teaching their child. Many times, that is all it took for me to get the right attitude back.

Many people do not thank their teachers any more. I encourage you to do so. Even if it is just a short little note of encouragement. It does go a long way.

All that said, Will & I crocheted scarfs for their teachers. We gave Faith's to her teachers last week. (I didn't get pictures.) We were not finished with Will's until today.

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